Renaming Rosters

Rename Rosters in order to switch from Roster to Roster throughout the day with ease.

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You can rename R‍osters to easily know which class that Roster represents. There are two places in LiveSchool to rename your Rosters:

  • Roster Picker on the Points or Rewards Screen

  • In the Setup > Rosters section

Renaming a Roster in one of these locations will rename the Roster in the other location.

Rename a Roster from the Roster Picker

Open the Roster Picker, click the three dots and choose Rename.

Open the Roster Picker to see:

  1. My Rosters- All of the Rosters that you’ve created or have been shared with you.

  2. Grades- All Grade levels represented in your account

  3. Teachers- Every teacher in the account plus the Rosters they have access to.

Click the three dots to the right of the Roster name. Select 'Rename' and enter a new name for the Roster.

See a Roster under another teacher's name that you'd like to appear for you under My Rosters? Ask that teacher to share it with you!

You can search for a Student at any time, whether or not they’re on your Rosters.

Rename a Roster from the Setup Screen

From the Setup > Rosters page click on the three dots and select Rename.

Click Menu > Setup > Rosters

  • Select the three dots located on the lower, right hand side of the roster

  • Choose Rename

If the Roster is shared with multiple people, you will not be able to rename the Roster unless you are an Admin.

Renaming a Roster will rename it for everyone the Roster is shared with.

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