Renaming Rosters

Change Rosters as you change classes throughout the day, and hide the Rosters you use less often.

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You can rename R‍osters to more easily know which class that Roster represents. There are two places in LiveSchool to rename your Rosters:

  • Points Screen

  • In the Setup > Rosters section

Renaming a Roster in one of these locations will rename the Roster in the other location.

Rename a Roster from the Roster Picker

From the Points screen, click on the Roster name in the top left and then choose an alternative Roster from the dropdown.  The same is true from the Rewards screen.  You can also select any Grade level rosters.

Open the Roster Picker to see:

  1. My Rosters- All of the Rosters that you’ve created or have been shared with you.

  2. Grades- All Grade levels represented in your account

  3. Teachers- Every teacher in the account plus the rosters they have access to

See a Roster under another teacher's name that you'd like to appear for you under My Rosters? Ask that teacher to share it with you!

You can search for a Student at any time, whether or not they’re on your Rosters.

Rename a Roster from the Setup Screen

Rename a Roster from the Points screen by selecting the three dots on the Roster from the Roster Picker.  Or rename a roster in Setup by selecting Rosters and then the three dots on the Roster you'd like to rename.

Click Menu > Setup > Rosters

  • Select the three dots located on the lower, right hand side of the roster

  • Choose Rename

If the Roster is shared with multiple people, you will not be able to rename the Roster unless you are an Admin if it is shared with multiple people.

Renaming a Roster will rename it for everyone the Roster is shared with.

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