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Unable to Access Grade Rosters when Adding Students to Rosters
Unable to Access Grade Rosters when Adding Students to Rosters

Grade Rosters missing from Add Students menu when editing Rosters.

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When in LiveSchool, students are added to Rosters by selecting them from other Rosters. Often, the Roster that is easiest to use for locating a student is the Grade Level Roster.

For directions on editing Rosters visit our articles Add or Remove Students from Rosters and Managing Rosters for a Singel Student.

When using the "Add Students" menu, Grade Level Rosters might not appear.

The "Add Students" menu only displays the first 60 Rosters that are listed on your My Rosters page in Setup > Users, Rosters & Site > Rosters. Since they are displayed alphabetically, if you have more than 60 Rosters prior to the letter G, the grade level Rosters will not automatically display.

To get the grade level Rosters to display in your "Add Students" menu, you'll need to unshare those Rosters from yourself, which would remove them from your My Rosters page.

If a Roster is shared with multiple people, only a LiveSchool Admin can unshare it.

To unshare a Roster:

  1. Access Setup: Navigate to the "Setup" section.

  2. Choose "Rosters": Select "Rosters" from the Users, Rosters & Site menu.

  3. Unshare Your Roster: Find the Roster you want to unshare and click the "Share this Roster" icon (depicted as a teacher).

  4. Remove Recipients: Deselect the teachers or administrators you no longer want to share the Roster with.

  5. Save Changes: Click "Save," and those teachers and administrators will no longer have access to this Roster.

Once you have unshared enough Rosters that grade level Rosters are in the first 60 Rosters on your My Rosters page, you will be able to see them on the "Add Students" dropdown.

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