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Introduction to Rosters
Introduction to Rosters

Group your students into the Rosters you see every day and share your Rosters with other teachers.

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Students are automatically added to Grade Level Rosters when they're added to LiveSchool. Grade Level Rosters cannot be edited from the Rosters screen, but you can change a student's grade by editing the student.

Creating a New Roster


Name and Create Your Roster

From the Main Menu, click on Setup and then Rosters.  Select New Roster from the top, right corner and name your Roster.

Go to Setup, choose "Rosters", click “New Roster”, add a name, then create your roster!

You might want to add your last name to your roster so it’s easier to identify (and so there aren't multiple "1st period" rosters).


Add Your Students

Click on Add Students then chooser a Roster or grade to select from.  Once you've selected All Students choose "Add Students" in the bottom, right corner.

Click “Add Students” in the top left, choose a Roster or Grade to pick your students from, then select the students you want to add to your Roster.

You can select from multiple Rosters, and your students will remain selected.

Click Add Students in the lower right corner, and you’ll see a notification letting you know the students have been added.

That’s it! Repeat these steps for any Rosters you want to create, and you’ll be able to access them on the Roster Picker!

Sharing a Roster

Admin can access all Rosters by switching from My Rosters to All Rosters, and then share Rosters as needed.

From the Main Menu click Setup and then Rosters.  Click on the teacher icon and select all staff you'd like to give access to that Roster.

Steps to Share a Roster

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Choose "Rosters"

  3. Click the “Share this Roster” (teacher icon) on the Roster you’d like to share.

  4. Choose which teachers or admins you’d like to share the Roster with.

  5. Click “Save” and those teachers/admins will have access to the Roster!

The rosters you create are automatically added to your "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker. If you know that a teacher has already created a Roster you'd like to access, you can ask them to share it with you using the steps above. You can also ask an Admin on the account as they have access to all Rosters created.

Anyone who has access to a Roster can share, update, or rename the Roster.

When building a new Roster, only those Rosters shared with you will show up in the Roster dropdown when you click "Add Students".

Add or Remove Students from Rosters

Adding or removing students from a roster updates the roster for everyone that the roster is shared with.

From the Main Menu, select Setup and then Rosters.  Click on the student icon on the Roster you'd like to edit.  Then select students to remove, or click on Add Students in the top, left corner to add additional students.

Steps to Add or Remove Students from a Roster

  1. Go to Setup,

  2. Choose "Rosters"

  3. Click the “Add or remove students” button, and you’ll see the same screen you used to create your roster.

To remove students

  • Select students and click “Remove

To add students

  • Click "Add Students" in the top left

  • Select a Roster to pick students from, but remember only Rosters under "My Rosters" will appear in this dropdown. If you'd like access to other Rosters, see the section above on Sharing Rosters.

  • Select the students and click “Add Students” in the lower right corner

Updating Grade Rosters

Grade rosters are "locked" and cannot be updated. To view all students in a grade, you can use the Roster Picker, and to change which grade roster a student appears in edit the student and change their grade.

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