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Grant Access to Your Rosters for Teachers and Staff

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In LiveSchool, teachers and administrators can easily grant access to their rosters to other teachers and staff. Here's how to share a roster:

Sharing a Roster

From the Main Menu click Setup and then Rosters.  Click on the teacher icon and select all staff you'd like to give access to that Roster.
  1. Access Your Setup: To get started, go to the "Setup" section.

  2. Select "Rosters": Choose the "Rosters" option from the menu.

  3. Share Your Roster: Locate the roster you want to share and click the "Share this Roster" icon (depicted as a teacher):

  4. Choose Recipients: Select the teachers or administrators you want to share the roster with.

  5. Save your selections: Click "Save," and the chosen teachers and administrators will not have access to the roster!

Your newly shared rosters will automatically appear in your "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sharing Rosters

  • Can another teacher share a roster with me?
    Yes; if you need access to a roster created by another teacher, you can request that they share it with you by following the same steps.

  • Can administrators access all rosters?
    Yes; administrators have access to all rosters created and can assist with sharing if needed.

Admin can access all Rosters by switching from My Rosters (top center) to All Rosters, and then share Rosters as needed with themselves or other teachers:

  • Can I rename a roster that has been shared with me?
    No, once you share a roster with another teacher, you can no longer rename it, and neither can the person you shared the roster with. You will see this error:

Unsharing a Roster

Teachers can share their rosters with colleagues, but only administrators can unshare a roster. If a teacher tries to unshare a roster, they will see this error:

Here's how administrators can unshare a roster:

  1. Access Setup: Navigate to the "Setup" section.

  2. Choose "Rosters": Select "Rosters" from the menu.

  3. Unshare Your Roster: Find the roster you want to unshare and click the "Share this Roster" icon (depicted as a teacher).

  4. Remove Recipients: Deselect the teachers or administrators you no longer want to share the roster with.

  5. Save Changes: Click "Save," and those teachers and administrators will no longer have access to this roster.

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