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Manage Rosters for a Single Student
Manage Rosters for a Single Student

Add or remove a student from Rosters

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Adding or removing students from a Roster updates the Roster for everyone that has that Roster shared with them. Please note that Clever Rosters MUST be adjusted in a school's SIS/Clever rather than using the directions below.

Click on "Add to Roster"

From the Main Menu select Setup and then Students. Once you've found the student whose Rosters you'd like to manage, click the student name and scroll down until you see "Add to Roster" on the right.

Click on green circles.

When you've selected "Add to Roster", a list of all available Rosters will appear. Simply click to the green circle on the right to add a student to a Roster, or unclick the green check mark to remove a student from the Roster.

You can also scroll to the Assigned Rosters section and select "Unassign" to remove a student from a Roster.

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