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Reinforcing Behaviors in LiveSchool
Reinforcing Behaviors in LiveSchool

A Guide to Doubling Point Values

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If you've identified behaviors in LiveSchool that could use an extra boost, consider doubling their point values for a specified time period. This quick guide will show you how to implement this reinforcement strategy effectively:

  1. Identify Behaviors for Reinforcement: Determine which behaviors you want to reinforce during a specific time period. For instance, if timeliness and preparation are concerns in January, you may choose to double the points for these behaviors.

  2. Access Rubric Editing: As a site leader, go to the Points section and select "Edit Rubric."

  3. Adjust Point Values: Locate the behavior you want to reinforce and temporarily double its point value. For example, if it's normally worth 2 points, change it to 4 points for the designated time frame.

  4. Inform Your Teachers: Communicate the changes to your teaching staff. They will notice the adjusted point value when awarding points to students, creating awareness and emphasizing the importance of the targeted behavior.

  5. Facilitate Conversations: Take advantage of this reinforcement period to engage with students about the highlighted behavior. Similarly, communicate with your staff to ensure a collective effort in reinforcing the chosen behavior.

  6. Revert to Normal Values: Once the reinforcement period is complete, return to the rubric editing interface and reset the point value to its original setting. This change will apply universally to all teachers.

  7. Evaluate Impact: Assess the impact of the reinforcement strategy and gather feedback from teachers and students. This information can guide future adjustments to your LiveSchool approach.

By doubling point values for a limited time, you create a focused effort to reinforce specific behaviors. This strategy can be a powerful tool for promoting positive changes in your school community.

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