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Hiding Categories in the Behavior Rubric
Hiding Categories in the Behavior Rubric

Customize your Behavior Rubric by encouraging teachers and staff to hide certain categories.

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Admin cannot hide categories for the full staff. Each user must hide categories when logged into their own account.

Select hide to the right of the category to hide it from view.

Each LiveSchool site creates one Behavior Rubric that is shared school-wide. This is to create a common vision and set of expectations for all students. Depending on the grade span of the school, or the population it serves, additional categories might be needed to help meet the needs of all students. Some examples include:

  • Grade-Level or Grade-Band Behaviors (K-4 vs 5-8)

  • Check-In/Check-Out

  • FBA/BIP tracking

  • Admin Behaviors (detention/ISS/OSS)

  • Tier 3 Behaviors (often set with notifications for Admin)

If a staff member displays the Behavior Rubric to make LiveSchool more interactive for students, sometimes they don't want all categories viewable to specific classes. Categories can be hidden by selecting "Hide" to the far right of the category title.

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