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View Select All, Deselect, Random, Timeline and More on the Action Bar

Points Screen

Our new Action Bar, found on the Points screen, gives quick and easy access to some of LiveSchool's features, helping to simplify and enrich the LiveSchool user experience.

  • Select All

    • Select All allows you to choose all students on your Roster in order to award Points or redeem Rewards

  • Deselect

    • Deselect allows you to deselect any student that has been highlighted

  • Random

    • Our Randomizer chooses a random student from the selected Roster

  • Timeline

    • Clicking Timeline will take you to the Timeline of Points and Rewards at your school to review what was awarded or to quickly undo or remove a Points transaction

  • More

    Clicking More opens a menu of four additional options

    • Dashboard will take you to our Dashboard, an overview of trends and top students and behaviors

    • Easy access to a Timer

    • Easy access to a Stopwatch

    • Easy access to a Calculator

Rewards Screen

View Select All, Deselect, Random, Timeline and More on the Action Bar - but now there will be a Fast Checkout option

On our Rewards screen you'll notice one difference. Instead of Dashboards you can quickly access our Fast Checkout option, which is great for Rewarding one bulk at a time.

Longer Rosters

If the Action Bar in its default position covers a student button, it will be automatically adjusted to prevent any obstruction:

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