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Set Notifications for Specific Students
Set Notifications for Specific Students

Get sound notifications when identified students receive specific behaviors.

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LiveSchool's Timeline displays all transactions occurring within your school. When the Timeline is left open, notifications can be enabled, allowing you to be alerted when Points are awarded.

Our Timeline also allows for various filters to be set, narrowing down what is displayed on your Timeline, which also adds specificity to your notifications.

To set notifications for specific students, first enable notifications by going to Insights then Timeline. Click Settings, then turn Desktop Alerts and Sounds to "On."

Next, click on Students and search for students for which you'd like to set notifications.

Click on the Students column and search for students you'd like notifications for.

Moving forward, every time a behavior is recorded for these particular students, you'll hear a "ding" and see a desktop notification.

If you'd like to receive notifications for demerits only, click on Type and deselect Merits and Rewards. Currently, you cannot filter by specific Items.

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