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Use Your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote Control
Use Your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote Control

Learn about our Sync feature, and how to project LiveSchool to the class.

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Welcome to this helpful guide on utilizing your phone as a LiveSchool remote control. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to LiveSchool's Sync feature and show you how to project LiveSchool to your class, making teaching and engaging with your students more dynamic and interactive.

After following these directions, you'll see "Device Connected" appear on your screen.

STEP 1: Log in on Your Phone/Tablet

To get started, log in to your LiveSchool account on your phone or tablet:

On your device, log into LiveSchool.

This step is essential to enabling the seamless integration of your mobile device with your classroom presentation.

STEP 2: Log in on a Device Projecting to the Class

Next, log in to LiveSchool on the computer or device that you use to project information to your class:

Log into the device that you wish to connect to your phone.

This could be your classroom computer, a smartboard, a smart TV, or any device with an internet browser that you use for teaching.

STEP 3: Sync Your Devices

Now, it's time to synchronize your devices:

Click on the "Sync" button to establish a connection between your phone/tablet and the device projecting to the class. Once synced, everything you do in LiveSchool on one device will be mirrored on the other device in real time.

STEP 4: Use Your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote Control!

With your devices synced, you can now effectively use your phone as a LiveSchool remote control:

All actions you perform in LiveSchool on your phone will be immediately reflected on the projector or screen in your classroom.

Utilize the power of sync while awarding points to give your students extra recognition, or combine it with LiveSchool's Class Tools to inject some fun into your classroom procedures and transitions.

Enhance your teaching experience with this remote control functionality, and make your classroom more engaging and interactive than ever before.

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