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Engage Your Students with Class Tools
Engage Your Students with Class Tools

All about LiveSchool's built-in tools to engage students and run systems.

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The tools described in this article are helpful in engaging students and running LiveSchool systems! You can find each of them on the Action Bar.


Click Randomizer in the Action Bar

Make student selection fair and fun with the Randomizer. It ensures all students get a turn before anyone is selected a second time:

  1. Click the 'Randomizer' in the Action Bar.

  2. Customize Sounds and Popups for the Randomizer using the steps from Tip 7.

  3. You can also use the Randomizer to select a student from a group you've chosen.


The timer will display when selected.

There are a few things you can do with Timer:

  • Choose a pre-added Timer, or create your own in increments of 15 seconds

  • Add some jeopardy-like music

  • Minimize and keep giving points as usual

  • Add 15 seconds at any time

  • Set the timer to automatically repeat for recurring classroom procedures

  • Use “Reset” to start over

You can find the Timer in the Action Bar.

Turn on the “Repeat” function and set the timer to 5 minutes. Whenever the Timer goes off, look for students meeting your expectations and award points! It’s a fun and engaging way to stay positive.


The stopwatch will count up on the screen.

LiveSchool’s Stopwatch makes it easy to time students, and continue giving Points!

With the Stopwatch you can:

  • Minimize and keep giving Points

  • Add jeopardy-like music

  • Clear to reset back to zero

You can find the Stopwatch in the Action Bar.


Clicking calculator opens a calculator on the screen.

Test students’ PEMDAS skills – or use it for quick calculations or double-checking (for us non-math teachers).

You can find the Calculator on the Action Bar.

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