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Customize LiveSchool for your Classroom
Customize LiveSchool for your Classroom

Edit the record screen to display certain information, edit sounds and popups, and arrange your student names in different ways

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This article will walk you through the various customization options available to tailor your LiveSchool experience. By adjusting display settings, you can efficiently manage Points, data bubbles, and student buttons according to your preferences.

Display settings can be accessed by going to the Points Screen, selecting the Settings icon at the top, right corner of the screen.

Data Bubbles and Points

Data bubbles are essential elements that display Points recorded for each student. Here's how to utilize them effectively:

  • Understanding Data Bubbles: Data bubbles on student buttons indicate the Points recorded for that student by any teacher. LiveSchool typically shows today's Points, but you can change the timeframe using the Point Bubble Time Selector.

  • Filtering Points with the "Just Me" Option: Ensure fair Point distribution by viewing only the Points you've awarded using the "Just Me" option:

  • Turning Data Bubbles On or Off: Easily control the visibility of points to students by toggling data bubbles on or off.

Turn Off or Mute Sounds & Popups

Mute Sounds and Popups from the Display Settings menu.

Customize the sounds and popups associated with awarding Points using these options:

  • Managing Positive and Negative Point Sounds: When you award a positive or negative Point, LiveSchool plays a sound. You can enable or disable these sounds by using the toggle switch.

  • Enabling or Disabling Popups: You can also show or hide popups when awarding Points or using the random student selector by using the toggle switch.

  • Using the "Mute" Option: Quickly turn off all sounds and popups with the convenient "Mute" option.

Displaying and Sorting Student Buttons

Efficiently manage your class view with these options for student buttons:

Customize your student names, sorting, and size in the display settings menu.

  • Customizing Student Names Display: Choose from various options such as First, Last, Last, First, First L., or Initials Only to display students' names.

  • Sorting Students by Name, Merits, or Demerits: Sort students alphabetically or by their merit or demerit Points, in both ascending and descending order.

  • Adjusting Student Button Size: Tailor the size of student buttons to fit your projector screen or display preferences.

These display options would control both the Points screen
and the Rewards screen.

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