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View Points by "All Teachers" or "Just Me"
View Points by "All Teachers" or "Just Me"

Edit your display settings to show points awarded by all staff or just point awarded by you!

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From the Points screen, click on the three dots in the top, right corner.  From the dropdown that opens, choose "Display Settings."  In the Menu that appears on the left, choose "All Teachers" or "Just Me" to change which points appear on the Points screen.

LiveSchool defaults to show points awarded to students by all teachers, which is great to get a glimpse of how a student's day is going as they move from class to class.

You can choose to view points awarded by just you by clicking the More button (3 dots) in the top righter corner, then selecting Display settings. Choose Just Me under "Show points given by" and you'll only see points awarded by you.

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