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Who's Purchased a Specific Reward?

From the Main Manu click on Insights and then Timeline.  Filter for a specific Reward, set the Timeframe if needed, and click Download in the bottom, right corner.

To download a list of who's purchased a reward, from the Main Menu, go to Insights > Timeline.

Add a filter by clicking the "Item" column header, and search for the Reward you're interested in.

When you apply the filter only purchases of that Reward will be displayed, for all students, and purchases made by all teachers – but you can add more filters by clicking the other column headers if needed.

Choose the time period you're interested in by clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner.

You can then click the download button to download a CSV of this list.

Most Popular Rewards

From the Main Menu, click on Insights then Scoreboards then Rewards.  You'll see a list of Rewards appear.  Click on the column title,

You can view your most popular Rewards, both by the number of Points spent on the Reward, and the number of times the Reward has been purchased.

From Insights, go to Scoreboards, then the Rewards Scoreboard. You can sort your Scoreboard from highest to lowest to view the number of points your school has spent on each Reward item.

To view the number of times that each Reward item has been purchased, turn off "Weight By Points" by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner first.

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