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Create and Edit Your Rewards Menu
Create and Edit Your Rewards Menu

Add custom items to your Rewards store!

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Only Admin users can edit the Rewards Menu, unless they've enabled edit permissions for teachers.

Steps to Creating a Rewards Menu

Click on "Record" and then "Edit Rewards Store"

First, navigate to Rewards, then choose the "Edit Menu" screen.‍ Click the "New Reward" button, add the Reward details, and save! Remember, rewards and their descriptions are visible on the Student and Parent apps. Only 15 characters are visible, so keep your description short.

Point Bucket Rewards

If you'd like teachers to manage their own classroom store, we recommend including "Point Bucket Rewards."

For example, you could create separate Rewards for "5 point bucket," "10 point bucket," and "25 point bucket." All teachers would have access to these Rewards, and be able to determine what Rewards they'd like to be worth 5, 10, and 25 points in their classroom.

You could also choose to allow teachers to create their own reward items. Just know that teachers will see all reward items that other teachers create, and teachers cannot delete reward items.

Need ideas for Rewards? We have tons here!

Editing a Reward

Rewards cannot be edited. This is so student data is not affected by editing the price of Rewards.

To change a Reward, you can delete it and add a new Reward item.

Deleting a Reward

Click the red X in the corner of a Reward box to delete it.

Simply click the red X on a Reward to delete it from the menu.

You'll still have access to data for the deleted Reward on the Timeline. So if you're changing the price of a Reward by deleting and re-adding it, consider changing the name so you can distinguish the old from the new in your data. On downloaded CSVs, the deleted Reward will be titled as "Deleted Item."

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