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Yearly Site Clear for Clever Schools
Yearly Site Clear for Clever Schools

To prepare your LiveSchool site for the new school year, we will clear some of your students data. Learn more about how to save your data!

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As the end of the school year approaches, the LiveSchool team performs a site clear to prepare for the upcoming year. During this process, certain student data is deleted, including points recorded, rewards purchased, rosters created, and insights reports. Your students, student accounts, parent/guardian accounts, behavior rubric, rewards menu, and settings will remain intact.

If you wish to save your data before your site is cleared, you can download various reports, including:

Points Logs

Only admin users have access to Points Logs.

From the Main Menu click on Setup then Site followed by Points Logs.  Choose each monthly log to download.

By downloading your monthly Points Logs, you can export all of the points recorded throughout the year, along with Rewards purchased. This report can be helpful for future reference or tracking progress over time.

  1. Go to Setup > Site > Points Logs to access this year’s points by month.

  2. View our article on Downloading Points Logs for more info.

Student Dashboards

From the Main Menu select Insights then Dashboards and click on Student.  Click Download in the bottom, right corner and select by grade or roster for batch saving.

The Student Dashboard provides an overview of each student's positive and negative behaviors, as well as other useful information to celebrate their improvements. You can even batch-print Student Dashboards for your entire school or specific rosters.

  1. Go to Insights > Dashboards > Student to access each student's dashboard.

  2. View our article on Batch Printing Student Dashboards for more info.

School Dashboard

Click Insights from the Main Menu, from there select Dashboards and School.  Click download in the bottom, right corner.

The School Dashboard is a great way to get an overview of the year at a glance, showing your top students, behaviors, teachers, and rewards. This report can help you quickly identify your top performers for the year and those who may need additional support in the future.

  1. Go to Insights > Dashboards > School to access your school dashboard.

  2. View our article on Introduction to Dashboards for more info.

Teachers Scoreboard

Only admin users have access to the Teachers Scoreboard.

From the Main Menu, click on Insights, Scoreboard, and then Teachers.  Then click download in the bottom, right corner.

The Teachers Scoreboard (Insights > Scoreboards > Teachers) is a powerful tool that allows admin users to see the total points each teacher has awarded for the year or any custom timeframe. By using this scoreboard, you can identify teachers who may need additional support in awarding points and help them improve next year.

  1. Go to Insights > Scoreboards > Teachers to access your teachers scoreboard.

  2. View our article on Introduction to Scoreboards for more info.

If you have any other questions about saving your data, or would like to request that it be preserved, please reach out to and we'll be happy to help!

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