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Clearing and Resetting your LiveSchool Points
Clearing and Resetting your LiveSchool Points

Learn about the three different ways to clear your LiveSchool points.

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LiveSchool has three options for clearing points depending on your school's use case.

Clear Site

Clearing your site's data will remove all transaction history for your LiveSchool account. This includes Points (merits/demerits), Rewards, and all Reporting options. This will set all student accounts back at 0.

We suggest exploring the other two options listed below before choosing to clear your site so that you can take advantage of all of LiveSchool's reporting options throughout the year.

You can learn more about how to clear your site here.

Resetting Bank Account Balances

Resetting your student bank account balances will reset the Rewards screen (student spending) back to zero. This will also be reflected in the Student App. The Points screen will continue to show an accrual of merits and demerits received for the year, but the timeframe displayed can be set to match the Rewards screen.

This option will allow for the reports in Insights to be utilized.

You can learn more about resetting bank account balances here.

Restart a House Points Competition

Edit Competition Start Date in the House Points portion of the app.

Restarting a House Points Competition doesn't require clearing LiveSchool Points at all. The House Points Dashboard can be customized to display a certain date range of Points. Setting that date range means that the Dashboard only calculates Points received from the day after the set date forward. This is great for quarterly and semester-long challenges!

You can learn more about restarting a House Points Competition here.

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