Invite your Teachers

Invite your teachers to create a LiveSchool account using these instructions.

When your teachers are invited, they'll receive an email from with a link to create an account.

They'll confirm their title and name, set a password, and activate their account!

Full Training (1 hour)

This is a great option to have your staff develop a thorough understanding of your vision and expectations as well as how to utilize LiveSchool.

  • The Teacher Training deck provides a helpful structure for introducing LiveSchool to teachers during PD.

    • Customize slides about your vision for using LiveSchool to help teachers understand the 'Why' behind LiveSchool.

    • Show your school's rubric - what expectations are you setting for students and why are you choosing those expectations?

    • Discuss your Point System - are you tracking positive and negatives, or only positives? Do negatives subtract from students’ point balance?

    • Discuss what these points contribute to for students - whether it’s a reward store, point goal reward, or House Points

    • Introduce what feedback loops you’ll provide to students and parents, through Student and Parent Accounts and Recaps

Quickstart/Refresher Training

This option is great if you're short on time or want teachers to be able to know how to use LiveSchool within minutes.

LiveSchool Learning Webinars

  • LiveSchool Learning Webinars are great ongoing resources geared toward any new or returning educator/school leader to that covers how to use LiveSchool.

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