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In the Classroom, Creating Routines with Points
In the Classroom, Creating Routines with Points

Incorporate Points naturally with our iOS LiveSchool for Educators App and get students involved, or note Points on paper to add later!

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Maximizing LiveSchool Points: Efficient Techniques for Teachers

Go Mobile

Use your phone for quick and easy Point awards wherever you are in the classroom. For Apple devices, download our iOS app, and for Android devices, add LiveSchool as a bookmark on your home screen for instant access. The mobile version mirrors the desktop version, ensuring a seamless experience for teachers.

If you're displaying LiveSchool to the class, check out our Use your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote Control article.

Add Points to Your Routines

Consistency is key in LiveSchool, and integrating Points into your daily routines is an effective way to regularly award Points:

  1. Utilize the "Select All" feature to quickly recognize positive behavior in the majority of your class.

  2. Award Points at the beginning of class to engage students from the start and encourage positive behavior throughout the session.

  3. During work sessions, use Points to reinforce on-task behavior or recognize individual efforts.

  4. Award Points during end-of-class transitions to encourage appropriate behavior in hallways.

Select All

Use the Select All feature to award points to the majority of your class—an easy way to quickly recognize all of your students' positive behavior.

Just tap Select All, un-select any students who are absent or not following expectations during routines, and award your point!

Awarding points to the majority can be a great tool to keep students engaged during routines, and using Select All makes it as fast as selecting one student.

Click on "Select All" from the Action Bar.

Start the Class with Some Points!

Whether expectations are for students to line up outside of the door (add another Point if they're meeting hallway voice-level expectations), sit at their desk and start the bell ringer, or get started on an assignment from the day before, there are a lot of opportunities to award Points during your starting procedures.

Awarding Points at the start of class can be a great way to keep students engaged from the beginning and get them thinking about other ways to earn Points for their positive behavior.

Add Points During Work Sessions

During individual work sessions, you could award the majority for staying on task, and if a student asks a question individually, maybe you award them a Point for "Asking for Help" or "Perseverance."

During group work sessions, you can award Points for behaviors like critical thinking, collaboration, or teamwork as you check in on groups.

You can also use this time to record back-dated Points you jotted down on a sticky note (more on this below).

Award Points During End-of-Class Transitions

Smooth classroom transitions can be key to students starting class focused. Using Points to reinforce your expectations for transitions is a great way to encourage students to behave appropriately in the hallways.

Get Students Involved

Incorporate students into the Point-giving process to foster ownership and enthusiasm:

Allow students to go to the Smartboard and award Points.
  1. Ask students to award themselves Points on the Smartboard or class iPad, promoting pride and recognition.

  2. Alternatively, designate a student helper to award Points as you call them out, creating a fun incentive for positive behavior and providing you with hands-free Point recording.

Students at the Smartboard

Ask students to award themselves a specific Point on the Smartboard, and they just might smile back to their seats.

If you don't have a Smartboard, you could ask students to use the computer projecting to the class or even your phone to award themselves the Point.

Either way, students love the pride and recognition they feel when they award themselves a Point.

Student Helper

Ask a student to use the class iPad (or the computer projecting to the class) to award Points as you say them out loud. You could tie this to a Point goal reward in your classroom, for example, "Any students who earn more than 40 Points this week get to be the LiveSchool student helper next week!"

Using either of the approaches above frees your hands while you're teaching and makes it easier to award Points (plus, you say the specific Point out loud, which is a best practice in positive feedback). You can always review the Points the student awarded on the Timeline, too.

Analog is A-Okay

When every second counts, use analog methods like sticky notes, whiteboards, or clipboards to jot down points for later recording:

Edit Date or Time on the action bar.

Simply access the rubric screen and edit the date and time on the Action Bar. This ensures the Points appear on the timeline and reports as if they were recorded in real-time.

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