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LiveSchool Community Points

Learn all about our LiveSchool Community Points system of Rewarding LiveSchool users.

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About LiveSchool Community Points

Your school culture is built on positive interactions and rewards, and so is LiveSchool's community culture. With LiveSchool Community Points, you get recognized for the awesome work you do every day to build culture in your building, community, and beyond.

And just like your students, the points you earn get you access to some pretty sweet rewards.

You're on a mission to build an amazing school culture – one that celebrates growth, motivates students, and builds community. Our mission is your success, and that's why there is LiveSchool Community Points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can earn points?

All Site Leaders can earn LiveSchool Community Points.

Are the points compiled by the school or does each person have their own bank account?

Each Site Leader will have their own bank account and unique reward store link. You can choose to redeem rewards for your school or keep them for yourself - we know you earned it!

How do you earn points?

By completing the actions listed on our rubric.

Where can I see my point balance?

Your point balance or bank account will be listed in every email that you receive about LiveSchool Community Points. It will also be displayed on our Community Rewards Store when you use your unique store link.

How do I purchase a reward?

Each participant has their own unique link to the rewards store, which will display your current point balance. When you identify the reward(s) you want, click on “Purchase Reward”, then you will receive an email with any steps needed to complete the order.

When can I expect to receive the reward?

You will receive emails from our team with order and shipping details.

What if I have questions or feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at

For more information or to see our Reward store, visit our LiveSchool Community Points website by clicking here!

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