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Identify Students without House Assignments
Identify Students without House Assignments

Download a list of students who are not listed as a part of any Houses.

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The House system in LiveSchool can be set up in three ways:

  1. by grade level

  2. through a random assortment

  3. with pre-sorted House Rosters

If your Houses are set by grade level, new students will be automatically assigned a House, but if you've chosen the other two methods, new students will need to be assigned to a House manually.

To see a list of students who are not yet in a House, download your House List. You can do this by clicking on House Points > Options > Download a House List. This is also a great way to check if students have been accidentally added to multiple Houses. If they have, two or more Houses will appear by their name.

Click Download House Lists at the bottom of the menu.

For directions on how to assign a new student to a House see our article, Adding New Students and Editing Your Houses.

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