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QR Codes *Beta*
Including QR Codes in Your Daily Points Practice *Beta*
Including QR Codes in Your Daily Points Practice *Beta*

User QR codes to improve student culture in tricky places like the hallway, assemblies, and the cafeteria.

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Awarding Points with the QR Scanner

Click scan in the top, right corner

The QR Scanner can be found in the top, right corner of both the Points and Rewards screens when viewing any Roster.

From the Points screen, simply hold the QR badge up to the camera. This will display the student's name in the top, left corner and open up the Behavior Rubric. Select the Points to award and click Submit!

Confirm student name in the top, left corner

You don't need to find the student's Roster or search through a large Grade. Quickly scanning the QR code means more opportunities for catching students making positive choices, even if you don't know them! Some of these opportunities might be:

  • When a student is walking through the hallway, quietly and responsibly completing a task.

  • Highlighting great assembly behavior, award a few Points and watch the trend catch on!

  • During lunch and recess -- create your own Category of Behaviors to shout out students going above and beyond.

  • Mark a student tardy when they check in at the office.

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