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The behavior rubric is one of the most important parts of your points system.

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The Behavior Rubric in LiveSchool is a critical component of your points system, providing guidelines and categories for recording student behaviors. This help documentation will guide you through creating and editing your Behavior Rubric, allowing you to customize it according to your school's specific needs.

Please note that only Admin users have permission to edit the Behavior Rubric, and any changes made will be instantly applied to all users within the school.

Step-by-Step Guide

STEP 1: Go to the "Edit Rubric" Screen

  1. From the Points screen, click on "Record" in the top left corner to open a dropdown menu.

  2. Select "Edit Menu" from the dropdown.

STEP 2: Starting Fresh – Deleting Categories and Behaviors

From the Edit Rubric screen, click the Red X to delete the category or behavior.
  1. On the Edit Rubric screen, click the Red X next to the category or behavior you wish to delete.

  2. LiveSchool comes with an example Rubric pre-loaded, but you can clear it out by deleting the three default categories.

Important notes about deleting Behaviors:

  • Students will not lose any points when Behaviors and Categories are deleted.

  • Deleted Behaviors will be labeled as "Deleted Item" on the Timeline, but the full Behavior name will remain visible in Points Logs.

  • Deleted Behaviors will not be filterable in Timeline or Scoreboards.

  • The Behavior will not appear on the Behaviors Scoreboard.

If all Behaviors are deleted, you must add new ones before logging out. A blank Rubric prevents logging into LiveSchool since it's required before awarding Points.

If you experience login issues after clearing your Rubric,
please contact

STEP 3: Create a New Category

Click on New Category and type the Category name you'd like to see.
  1. Click on "New Category" and type the name of the new category you'd like to create.

  2. Creating a new category allows you to group related behaviors together for easier insights into data reports.

Users can view all categories while recording points, but they can hide specific categories by clicking the "Hide" button next to each behavior name when issuing points.

Categories are sorted alphabetically or add a number in front of the category name to sort categories numerically. For example, if your rubric is based on a "PRIDE" acronym, you can keep the categories in the P-R-I-D-E order by labeling them as 1. Patience, 2. Respect, 3. Ingenuity, 4. Diligence, 5. Excellence.

STEP 4: Add a New Behavior

Creating a new behavior will update all teachers' and admins' rubrics, and it will be a new Point visible in your data.

STEP 5: Set the Behavior Name

Enter a behavior name up to 32 characters.
  1. Enter a behavior name with a maximum of 32 characters.

  2. The behavior name will be displayed on the Rubric and in your Insights reports.

STEP 6: Set the Behavior Type

Set the Behavior to Positive/Negative, Positive Only, or Negative Only
  1. Set the Behavior to "Positive/Negative," "Positive Only," or "Negative Only."

  2. You can choose to use both positive and negative points or only one of them for each behavior.

By default, the option to subtract points for negative behavior is turned off.

STEP 7: Set the Point Value

Enter a numerical amount for point value.
  1. Enter a numerical value for the point.

  2. You can assign different point values to specific behaviors based on their importance, encouraging desired behaviors with higher point values.

LiveSchool supports any point value from 0 to 999.

STEP 8 (Optional): Set Behavior Notifications

Click on "Add teachers or administrators" to set behavior notifications.
  1. Click on "Add teachers or administrators" to configure behavior notifications.

  2. You can send email notifications to any LiveSchool user at your school each time a specific behavior is recorded. Notifications are typically used for negative behaviors that require immediate attention, such as office referrals or bullying.

STEP 9: Complete your Rubric!

Repeat steps 3 to 8 until your rubric contains all the desired categories and behaviors. Congratulations, you're now ready to start recording points!

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