In order to adjust the settings, you'll first need to be on the Timeline screen. You can navigate there by either going to the main menu and selecting Insights and opening up the Timeline, or by selecting the top three dots in the top right corner of the Points screen (as seen here).

From the Main Menu select Insights and then Timeline.  In the top right corner, select the Settings icon.  Doing so will open a menu on your left.  In that menu are three options, "Desktop Alerts", "Sounds", and "Separate Rows".

Timeline is a powerful tool for administrators to see what's happening throughout the building in real-time and has options for sounds and desktop notifications to alert you when a behavior is recorded.

Click Settings, then turn Desktop Alerts and Sounds to "On." If you minimize LiveSchool (while Timeline is open), every time a behavior is recorded you'll hear a "ding" and see a desktop notification like in the video above.

Timeline Settings also enable you to Separate Rows. When a behavior is recorded for multiple students (or multiple behaviors for one or more students), you usually see a student's name and "4 MORE" listed next to the student (example below). Turning Separate Rows to "on" places all of those students onto their own row in Timeline, and separates the rows if you need to download a Timeline CSV as well.

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