What is Whitelisting?

Firewalls in schools are necessary, but can sometimes interfere with LiveSchool's ability to connect with your users and power your school's data.

Asking your IT department to whitelist LiveSchool's domains ensures that the data we send through your school's firewall is recognized and we're able to provide the best performance possible.

Domains to Whitelist

To ensure effective performance of the LiveSchool app, please whitelist:

  • *.liveschoolapp.com

  • *.s3.amazonaws.com

  • *.firebaseio.com

  • *.segment.com

All LiveSchool traffic is over ports 443 (HTTPS).

After whitelisting all of the above URLs, if you are still having issues, please contact support@liveschoolinc.com for a more complete list

Supported Devices and Browsers

PC - Windows 10 and higher with newest version of Chrome (recommended) or Edge
macOS - El Capitan and higher with newest version of Chrome, or Safari
Android - 5.1.1 and higher using Chrome (see how to add LiveSchool to your home screen here)
iOS - 13.6 and higher, these include iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models

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