Make sure you’re viewing the time frame you’re focused on using the time selector in the top right corner.

Click the time selector and choose from one of our preset or custom time frames:

  • Today

  • This Week - points earned since Monday

  • This Month - points earned since the 1st of the month

  • Year to Date - points earned since July 1st

  • Custom - choose specific dates for a custom time frame.

Clearing a Site or Resetting Bank Accounts will alter the time frame that shows for Year to Date. If site data has been cleared, all columns will reflect the date it was cleared. If bank accounts have been reset, only the Saved column will reflect the date of the reset, while all others will still show Year to Date.

If you're looking to "reset bank accounts" each quarter or semester, you can use the custom time selector to only view points earned during that time.

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