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Filter, Sort, and Add Logic in Scoreboards
Filter, Sort, and Add Logic in Scoreboards

Sort, filter, and add logic to your Scoreboard to get a better picture of school-wide data

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To filter the Scoreboards, you first need to be on the Scoreboards screen. To get there, first select Insights from the Main Menu and then open Scoreboards.

Filter By Behavior or Category

Click on the Merits column to add a filter for a specific behavior.

You can filter Scoreboards to only show Points for specific behaviors.

Add a filter for any of the behaviors, or the behavior categories, on your rubric.

When adding a filter:

  • Behaviors will include a positive/negative Point icon

  • Behavior categories include a folder icon. When you add a category filter, you'll see the total Points for all behaviors in that category.

Clicking the header of the merits or demerits column will allow you to add a filter for behaviors.

Adding a filter to either the merits or demerits column applies the filter to both columns.

Sort By Merits

Sort data from Highest to Lowest or Lowest to Highest

You can click the header of any column (except the ratio column) to Sort the data on the Scoreboard, from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

Add Logic

Click on Merits to Add Logic of more, less, or equal to a certain amount.

You can also Add Logic to any of the columns (except ratio) if you’d like to see all students with more, or less than, a specific number of merits, demerits, spent, etc.

For example, to see all students with more than 10 demerits by adding logic to the demerits column, like in the image above.

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