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Adjust Weight by Points in Scoreboards
Adjust Weight by Points in Scoreboards

Show weight by points to understand transactions.

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To adjust the "Weight by Points" setting on the Scoreboards, you first need to be on the Scoreboards screen. To get there, first select Insights from the Main Menu and then open Scoreboards.

From there, select the "Settings" option in the upper, right hand side and swap "Weight by Points" to "Off"

Click on Settings and toggle on Weight By Points

Weight By Points

Turning off Weight By Points the raw number of times a behavior has been recorded. It's meant to help you see the number of times a Point or Reward was recorded, rather than the total Points given. **This can also be helpful for seeing 0 Point behaviors**

Here’s an example to understand how it works:

Imagine that you record 2 behaviors for a student, each worth +5 Points. The student’s Point total will calculate as:

10 with Weight By Points “On”

2 with Weight By Points “Off”

There are a few ways you can use this setting on the different scoreboard types:

  • Students, Roster, or Grade Scoreboard: Choose “On” for the number of Points, or “Off” for the number of behaviors that have been recorded for each student, Roster, or grade.

  • Behaviors Scoreboard: Choose “On” for the total Points earned by all students in each behavior, or “Off” for the total number of times each behavior is being used.

  • Rewards Scoreboard: Choose “On” to see the total Points spent on each type of Reward, or “Off” to see the specific number of times each type of Reward has been purchased.

Things to note when Weight By Points is set to "Off":

  • Hides the Bonuses, Earned, and Saved columns, since these columns are unaffected by this setting.

  • You will be able to see the number of times behaviors with a Point value of 0 have been recorded.

  • This setting is saved, meaning if you turn it off and navigate away from the Scoreboard, it will remain off the next time you bring one up.

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