‍What is the student and parent experience of viewing a Recap like?

Learn more about the student and parent experience in our View Points Data with Recaps article, which is written for students and parents.

We've already invited students and parents to create LiveSchool accounts. What happens with Recaps?

You're a step ahead! If students or parents have already created LiveSchool accounts, they'll automatically receive Recaps each week, starting as soon as you enable Recap delivery. We'll even send a special intro email when you turn on delivery to let them know what's coming.

What does Recaps change about LiveSchool's student and parent accounts?

Nothing. Recaps is an additional feature on top of our student and parent account system. Students and parents can still log in to their LiveSchool account anytime and check their data, as described in this article. They'll even find a link at the bottom of their Recaps to help them log in.

Recaps are a better way to engage students and parents in their LiveSchool data than our student and parent accounts. Here's why:

  • Recaps are easier to access. With the Magic Link they receive via email, there's no password to remember, and it works on any device.

  • Recaps automatically "nudge" students and parents to review their LiveSchool data each week.

Who has access to Recaps?

Recaps is available to all premium LiveSchool subscribers β€” schools with the full LiveSchool subscription. If Recaps isn't available to you, please contact LiveSchool Customer Support at support@liveschoolinc.com for more detail.

We're using Clever for student single sign on. How do Recaps work?

If you're using Clever Single Sign On to allow students to access their LiveSchool accounts, we'll send Recap emails to their Clever email address. Make sure students have an email address in Clever to ensure they receive their weekly Recap email. To make changes to your student emails, please make those updates in Clever with the support of your Clever administrator.

How can our school pause delivery of Recaps over holiday breaks?

Yes! You can turn Recap delivery on and off anytime. Your LiveSchool admin can go into the Recaps section and turn them off over long holiday breaks as needed. See how to turn them on or off here.

Can our teachers review Recaps with students one-on-one?

Yes! Even if you don't enable Recap delivery, every student's Recap can be viewed by your teachers in LiveSchool. Direct teachers to open the Recaps section of LiveSchool. Search for a student by name in the "View a Student's Recap" section, and then click "View Recap" to view their most recent Recap in a second window. Teachers can use that view for a one-on-one conference with the student or parents. See more here.

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