In order to download a Dashboard, you first need to be on the Dashboards screen. You can get there by going to Insights on the main page:

and opening up Dashboards:

From here, you can view dashboards by:

  • Student (to understand each student's strengths and needs)

  • Roster (to view trends in classes and homerooms)

  • Grade (to understand and improve behavior trends across the grade)

  • Teacher (to view each teacher's classroom management trends)

  • or School (to analyze progress across your school)

Steps to Batch Print Student Dashboards

Open the Student Dashboards:

Select the time frame you're focused on:

Choose whether you'd like to Hide Top Teachers:

Click Download and choose whether you'd like to print:

  • Just (Student Name) - Only that student

  • Roster/Grade... - Every student in the roster or grade

  • All Students - Every student in your school

For more information about Dashboards, please see Introduction to Dashboards.

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