You can add new users in bulk by sending us a spreadsheet.

To add a new User, choose Setup from the Main Menu.  From there select Users and look for

To add a new User, choose Setup from the Main Menu. From there, select Users and look for "+New User" in the top, right corner.

If you get a notice that you need to purchase more seats, you can delete a user before continuing with adding the new user or reach out to

Choose a title, add name and email, and choose whether the user will have admin permissions. Admin users in LiveSchool can edit site-wide settings like the behavior rubric and your school's list of students.

When you click the Add User button, an email will be automatically sent to the teacher/admin inviting them to create a LiveSchool account.

New users must use the invite email to create an account so the account is linked to your school.

Setting a Staff as Admin

Admin have additional permissions in the app than teachers.

The chart above describes what additional permissions an Admin user will have within LiveSchool.

Having Issues with an Email?

If a red box appears around the email address this means that email address is already in the LiveSchool system.

If you experience a red box around an email, this most likely means the email is being used on another school's LiveSchool account– either a trial account or at another school.

The teacher/admin can edit the email address they use to log into their other LiveSchool account so their primary email can be used with your school's account. If the teacher is a Clever user, they will have to wait until their school of record is updated in your SIS.

We are of course happy to help as well! Chat us in the app or email us at

If there are school staff that work with LiveSchool at multiple schools, to create separate logins for each school just add "+SchoolName" (or any other text) to the end of their email and before the "@" sign and they'll still receive all emails at their primary email address.

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