For an overview of running raffles at your school, view our blog post: Bring the Fun with Raffles


Create a "Raffle Ticket" Reward

View our article Create Your Rewards Menu for more info on creating rewards.

Want to run multiple raffles at the same time? Create separate rewards for different items: "Raffle Ticket - Razor Scooter", "Raffle Ticket - Bike", etc.


Students Purchase Raffle Tickets!

Run your rewards store as you normally would, and allow students to purchase tickets.

If you expect students to purchase multiple tickets, try our Fast Checkout feature.


Download a List of Students who Purchased a Ticket

Go to Timeline and, if applicable, adjust the time frame to only show raffle ticket purchases for your current raffle. Then create a filtered Timeline to view each raffle ticket purchased and the student that purchased the ticket.

Students who purchased multiple tickets will be listed multiple times and have the correct number of "entries."


Open the File and Copy the "Student" Column


Announce the Winner!

Go to, paste your students' names from step 4, and remove the "student" column header. Click the wheel to spin, and a winner will be selected at random!

For extra fun, have a student announce the winners like this school, and post on social media to celebrate with your community!

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