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Recaps help schools electronically deliver a summary of points data to students and their parents — every week, automatically — via email. This is an optional feature that your student's school can enable to help families keep up with points activity.

This image of a mobile phone, shows that Recaps will highlight a students point balance, along with transactions and rewards.

How To Receive Recaps

If your school has enabled Recaps, you must have a student or parent LiveSchool account to receive them. The email address you use for your LiveSchool account is the email address to which your weekly Recap email will be delivered.

To learn more about creating a student or parent account, view the following articles:

Review Data with the Recaps View

When you have created a LiveSchool account and your school has enabled Recap delivery, you'll receive a weekly email with a link to view your Recap.

To view your Recap:

  1. Open the weekly Recap email on any device. The email will have a subject like "Adam's LiveSchool Recap for August 1."

  2. Click the Magic Link button in the email. Your student's private Recap will open in the browser on your device.

No login or app is required to view your student's Recap. Recaps are secure with an unguessable private address for each student. The only way to access your student's Recap is to receive the Recap email, which opens that unique address.

If you do not want others to have access to your student's Recap:

  1. Do not forward your Recap email to others.

  2. Do not share the private address of your student's Recap with others.

An Overview of Recap Data

The data on your Recap is a 7-day summary of points data. The Recap view always defaults to the most recent complete 7-day period, but you can use the Recap Date dropdown to look at previous data periods.

The top of the image displays the student's Point Balance.

The Live Points Balance

The Points Balance data at the top of the Recaps view highlights the current balance of points your student has. This balance is equal to all points earned, minus any points spent or subtracted. This data is always up to date when your Recap is viewed, and can include points earned since the end of the most complete 7-day period.

You will see weekly balances of positive Points, negative Points, Earned, and Saved.

The Weekly Totals

This section summarizes the point earnings for the selected 7-day period. It can include:

  • Positive points earned, total

  • Negative points earned, total (if applicable — this only appears if your school tracks negative points)

  • Total points earned (if applicable — this only appears if your school subtracts negative points from positive points earned)

  • Total points spent

  • A line graph of when points were earned over the 7-day period

You'll see a 7-day summary of points and rewards transactions.

The Top Behaviors and Rewards

If applicable, these sections summarize the top 5 positive and negative behaviors for the selected 7-day period, as well as the top rewards purchased by your student.

You'll see top behaviors and rewards.

The Timeline View

Click the Timeline tab to view a complete chronological timeline of the point-earning events for the selected 7-day period. You'll see detail about when points were awarded, by which teachers, and for what behaviors. You'll also see any comments left by teachers.

About Date Range Changes

If your student's school changes the weekly delivery day of the Recap email, you'll notice the 7-day window of your Recap may change. We ensure that the delivery day of the email is always the end of the 7-day reported period. When changes are made, the Recap view will automatically refactor to follow the new 7-day window logic selected by your school.

About the "Recaps Were Turned Off" View

If your school elects to disable Recap delivery, you'll see a "Recaps were turned off" view when you click a Recap Magic Link from the Recap email. Please talk to your school administrator to learn more about why Recaps were disabled at your school.

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