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Display settings can be accessed by going to the Points Screen, selecting the three dots at the top right, and clicking on Display Settings.

Data Bubbles and Points by "Just Me"

Data bubbles on student buttons show points recorded for that student by any teacher. LiveSchool defaults to show Today's points only, but you can change the time frame using the Point Bubble Time Selector

You can view only points you’ve recorded by clicking “Just Me” (great for making sure you’re giving points evenly to the class).

You can also turn data bubbles on or off, in case you need to hide points from students.

Turn Off or Mute Sounds & Popups

When you award a positive or negative point or use the random student selector, a sound will play and you’ll see a popup.

Some students LOVE sounds and popups, but you can always turn them off individually using the toggle switches.

Or you can “Mutesounds and popups to quickly turn off all of them.

Displaying and Sorting Student Buttons

You can display students’ names in multiple ways, including First L. or Initials only.

You can sort students by name - A to Z or Z to A - or can sort by merits or demerits - high to low or low to high.

You also have control over the size of student buttons, helpful for fitting all of your students on your projector screen.

The display options control both Points and Rewards.

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