Only admin users can access a Teachers Scoreboard.

Teacher Usage Report

A Teachers Scoreboard can help make sure your teachers are giving points consistently and evenly. You can view teachers' usage over any time period, and sort teachers by most or least positive or negative points.

In this example, we're looking for the teachers who have given the most positive points this month.

Click Insights on the Main Menu and then select Scoreboards and Teachers Scoreboard.  Click the "merits" heading and sort it highest to lowest and then set the timeframe to this month by clicking on the Calendar icon in the top right corner.
  1. Go to Insights

  2. Choose Scoreboards

  3. Go to the Teachers Scoreboard

  4. Click the "Merits" Heading, Then Choose "Sort"

  5. Choose "Highest to Lowest"

  6. Click the Timeframe Selector and Choose "This Month"

  7. ‍Click Download for a CSV with Every Teachers' Points

Curious about which teacher has issued the most of a specific point or category? Set a filter as seen here!

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