See our article, Invite Students and Parents to LiveSchool, to learn more about setting up Student accounts.

In the Student View students can see Timeline and Store, along with basic LiveSchool info.  They can also link a parent and change their password.

Students have access to two main views when they've logged into their LiveSchool account, Timeline and Store.

In the Timeline view, students can see the last 4 weeks or 28 days of transactions they have received, along with the corresponding comments. At the top of the Timeline they see their spending balance, which is the Points received minus any purchases they have made so far in the school year.

In the Store view, students can see the options available to purchase, however, they cannot make any purchases from within the account.

Students can also see some basic information about how LiveSchool works, link a parent, or change their password.

No gender or House information is available in the Student App.

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