Delete a Student

Use Student Setup to delete students

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Only admin users can delete students. Deleting a student cannot be undone. When you delete a student you will no longer see that student or any of their data in LiveSchool. If the student is in a House, the student's points will be deducted from the House. You will still have a record of these points on your Points Logs.

Click Setup on the Main Menu and then Students.  Click delete to the frar right of the student you'd like deleted.

From the Main Menu, click on Setup and then Students. On the Student Screen, click Delete on the far right of the row that contains the student you'd like to delete.

If your site is syncing your data through Clever, Students cannot be deleted from LiveSchool directly, they must be deleted from your SIS. Once they are deleted from your SIS, they should automatically be removed from Clever, and then they will no longer sync to LiveSchool.

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