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Create Houses from Pre-Sorted Groups
Create Houses from Pre-Sorted Groups

Add each student to a Roster to use as a House, then link the Roster to House Points.

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To learn more about the different ways to set up Houses in LiveSchool, click here!

Houses are regular Rosters that are then linked to House Points. Create them with the same steps used to create manual Rosters.

Create House Rosters

Create a new Roster from Setup > Rosters > New Roster, and click on Add Students.

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Click Rosters

  3. Add a New Roster

  4. Name and Create your Roster

  5. Choose a Roster from which to select Students

  6. Add Students

  7. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 for all of the Houses you'd like to create. You can create up to 12 houses.

The Rosters that appear when you click on "Add Students" are the same Rosters that appear on your "My Rosters" screen. If you'd like additional Rosters to appear, make sure they are shared with you. Find those directions here.

Link Rosters to House Points

Click on House Setup and search for the different House names.

  1. Select House Points

  2. Go to House Setup

  3. Choose "I've set up my House rosters"

  4. Click "Add a House"

  5. Search for and select your House Roster

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all of your House Rosters

The House name will be the same as the Roster name, but you can change the House name, which will change what appears on the House Points Dashboard.

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