Change a House Name

You can change a House's name separately from the name of the roster that is linked to the House.

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Only Admin users can change the name of a House.

Houses are simply Rosters that have been linked to the House Points Dashboard. Sometimes it might be preferred to leave the Roster name the same, but change the House name. These steps will show you how!

Check out our blog on House Name Ideas for 1,000+ creative ways to name your Houses!

  1. Go to "House Points"

  2. Click "House Setup"

  3. Choose "I've set up my House rosters"

  4. Open the Options Dropdown and Choose "Edit Name"

  5. Rename the House and Click "Got It!"

This updates the name of the House on the House Points Dashboard, but will not update the name of the Roster the House is linked to – in other words, how you view the Roster in the Roster Picker. If you need to change the name of the Roster itself, you can do so on the Roster Picker. Find those directions here!

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