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Accidental House Reset or Deletion
Accidental House Reset or Deletion

If you accidentally selected "Delete Houses" follow these directions to quickly reset your Houses!

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Often times when our users are trying to reset a House Points competition, they accidentally delete Houses. Since Houses are just Rosters you've selected to be your Houses, it's a quick fix! No student Points were lost and those Rosters are still there, all you need to do is link those Rosters back to the House Points Dashboard.

If your goal was to begin a new competition, check out our article, Restarting a House Points Competition and Setting a Start Date.

Link Rosters to House Points

Click on House Setup and search for the different House names.

  1. Select House Points

  2. Go to House Setup

  3. Choose "I've set up my House rosters"

  4. Click "Add a House"

  5. Search for and select your House Roster

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all of your House Rosters

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