Submit a Spreadsheet of Students and Staff

How to prepare students and staff files for import into LiveSchool.

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If you only need to add a small number of new staff or students, see our articles Add a New Admin or Teacher User and Add a New Student. For greater than 5 students, see the directions below.

This example shows each column filled for student and staff files.

Three simple steps to add your students and staff via spreadsheet

‍Student File

Enter First Name in Column A, Last Name in Column B, Grade in Column C, and an optional Roster in Columns D on.

The Student File requires:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Grade (Use PK, K, and 1 - 12 for traditional grades, or create your own non-traditional grade name.)

Rosters are optional, but some important things to remember are:

  • Column D forward can each be filled with a single Roster name.

  • All of the Rosters for a student should be on the same Row as the student (not listed in separate Rows).

  • Any Rosters with the same name will be treated as one Roster, i.e, Period 1. We suggest adding a teacher name, i.e, Period 1 - Smith.

  • Any Rosters meant to be the same should be spelled and titled exactly the same.

  • Houses are Rosters, so add the House name for each student as a Roster.

For additional tips and a video on how to add Rosters, visit our article, Submitting Additional Rosters!


For Staff file, First Name goes in Column A, Last Name in Column B, and Email in Column C.

T‍he Staff File requires:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

All Rosters submitted on the Student File will be shared with all staff, but they can be adjusted per User once uploaded. See how to adjust sharing here.

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