LiveSchool Training Webinars

Options for learning more about awarding points, navigating rosters, engaging students, diving into data, and family communication

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Explore the learning opportunities available for both Educators and Site Leaders to make the most of LiveSchool's capabilities and functionalities.

Educators (People Providing Points)

Join our free training webinars designed for both new and returning educators. These webinars cover essential topics, including how to award points, navigate rosters, engage students, analyze data, and effectively communicate with students and families.

Site Leaders (People Setting Up LiveSchool)

As a Site Leader, you play a crucial role in LiveSchool's successful implementation. Our free training webinars provide comprehensive guidance on establishing and updating the behavior rubric, creating and managing the Rewards Store, organizing students into Houses, and ensuring seamless roster management for all students and staff.

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For more Getting Started Resources, check out our Resources page.

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