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Training Resources (Guided Implementation)

Resources for your Guided Implementation Process

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We understand that getting started with a new system can be both exciting and challenging. To facilitate this process and ensure that your teachers have a smooth experience, we've compiled a set of resources to guide you through the initial setup and ongoing training.

Invite your Teachers

The first step in your Guided Implementation is inviting your teachers to create LiveSchool accounts:

Follow these instructions to get them started:

  1. Invite your teachers by using the instructions provided here.

  2. Your teachers will receive an email from containing a link to create their LiveSchool account.

  3. They will then confirm their title and name, set a password, and activate their account, ensuring a seamless onboarding process.

Ongoing Training

Continuous learning is essential to maximize the benefits of LiveSchool. To ensure your staff can review and revisit the LiveSchool skills they are learning, consider the following resources:

  • Share the Teacher Quick Start Guide with your staff through email or your staff newsletter. This guide provides quick and easy-to-follow instructions for common LiveSchool tasks.

  • Print and distribute the LiveSchool Cheat Sheet to your staff members. This sheet serves as a handy reference for quick lookups of LiveSchool features and functions.

  • Encourage your staff members to attend upcoming LiveSchool Learning Webinars. These webinars provide valuable insights and training directly from LiveSchool experts.

Office Hours

At LiveSchool, we are committed to providing continuous support to ensure your staff's success. We offer Office Hours for your staff to directly schedule time with us if they have any questions or need assistance regarding LiveSchool. We're here to help and ensure a smooth and effective implementation process.

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