Choose between a Simple layout or a Paycheck layout to print a history of Points and comments for students.

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Printables Explained

A Printable is a printed report of a student's timeline of transactions. It includes all Merits, Demerits, Rewards, and comments given by teachers. It can be printed in a simple format or as a Paycheck. You can view Printables for a single student, specifically selected students or a full Roster.

Printables are a great way to display Points earned for a specific date range, along with a way to make comments visible to students and parents/guardians.

Navigate to Printables

Click on Printables on the Main Menu.

Access Printables from the Main Menu or from the dropdown menu in the top, left corner of any screen.

Date Range Selection

Change the Date Range by clicking on the calendar icon.

Select specific dates to showcase all accumulated Points, Rewards, and comments.

Display Options

Choose the three display options - display points as, show bank account, and include QR codes

Choose between a concise summary of total Points or a detailed 'Paycheck' format, attributing a printed check to the student for their earned Points.

Add a students' Bank Account balance, which will indicate how much they have available to spend (earned Points minus spent Points).

Include a QR code that gives students quick access to their detailed Recap.

Student/Roster Selection

Choose one or more students or a full Roster or Grade.

Select students by grade or from shared Rosters.

Report Generation

Generate a PDF report detailing Points, Rewards, and comments, ready for printing and distribution to students and families.

Simple Display

The simple display will show Points at the time and a timeline of transactions.

Points balance and QR code can be included

Paycheck Display

The Paycheck display will show a check at the top and a timeline of transactions.

Printer Settings

Find the boxes to check or uncheck for Headers and Footers and Background graphics

You can adjust the settings as you Print. To save space, turn off Headers and Footers. To save ink, turn off Background graphics.

Printables Only Available on Google Chrome

Accessing Printables from any browser that is not Google Chrome will produce this error:

A "Browser not Supported" will appear if not on Google Chrome.

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