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Camera Troubleshooting (QR Codes) *Beta*
Camera Troubleshooting (QR Codes) *Beta*

Troubleshoot camera issues when using our QR scanner.

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Your camera will pop up to utilize our QR scanner

Our QR Code Scanner will utilize your device's camera. If it isn't working, consider the following:

Update Your App

Confirm your app is updated to LiveSchool's version 2.62.1 or later. If you have updated recently you may need to:

  • Log out and back in

  • Restart your device

  • Delete the app and download it again

Enable Your Camera

Check whether or not you gave LiveSchool permission to access your camera.

Check to see if your camera has been enabled.

Confirm Security Restrictions

Review what antivirus and security measures have been applied to your device and your network. In some cases, restrictions might be in place that are preventing your camera from opening.

Close Other Apps Using your Camera

If alternative apps are already utilizing your camera then it may not allow you to open your camera in another tab.

Check your Browser Version

When all else fails check that your browser is up to date!

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