Purchasing Rewards

Teachers can process purchases made by students.

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Once students have accrued enough Points to make a purchase, those purchases can be completed by a teacher or administrator on our Rewards screen.

Access the Rewards Screen

You can access the Rewards screen in two ways:

  1. From our Main Menu:

    Click on Rewards from the main menu.

  2. From the dropdown menu:

    Click on Rewards from the dropdown.

Process a Purchase

To complete a purchase, select a student or students from the Rewards screen and select "Continue". Your Rewards menu will appear. Select the Reward to be purchased and click on "Charge".

Select the students, click continue, and pick a Reward.

Fast Checkout

For a quick bulk purchase, select all students right from the Rewards screen, select "More", and then "Checkout".

A menu of items will appear and you can choose the Reward that all students purchased.

Learn more about managing your Rewards system here!

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