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Want to Give Points to an Entire House?

You can award points to a House, but no students in the House, by creating students with your House names and placing these "students" in the appropriate House roster.

The Houses will show up in your Points app, and you can award points to an entire House just like you can for students!

You can also create custom behaviors on your rubric specifically for awarding points to Houses, for example, a point for a House vs. House "Tug-of-War," and make these points worth 100, 200, 300 points!

You first need to create the House as a student, then add that "student" to the appropriate House roster. Learn how below!

If your school is syncing with Clever, contact us to set up this option.

Create the House as a Student


Go to Setup


Choose "Students"


Add a New Student


Name Your Student after a House

Consider placing all "House Students" in a grade your school doesn't use – this way, if you award points to an entire grade, Houses won't earn extra points.

If you're adding the House Buttons to a roster with other students, to make your House Buttons appear at the top of the roster before any students, just add "1." before the House names.


Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to Add All Houses As Students


Go Back to the Main Setup Screen

Add the House "Student" to Your House Roster


Go to Rosters Setup


Edit the House roster

STEPS 9 & 10

Go to the Add Students screen and Select the Grade you Added the Houses to

STEPS 11 & 12

Click the House Student button & Add the "Student" to the House roster


Repeat Steps 8-12 for Each of Your Houses

You'll then have a student button for the Houses in their House rosters, but you can always search for the House too, just like you do for students.

Create Points for House Events

Next, follow these instructions to add custom points to your rubric to track House events!

You can create a whole category for "Field Day Events" or "House Points" and include things like "100M Dash," "Tug-Of-War," "Trivia Winners," etc. or keep it simple and track one "Field Day Event" behavior.

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