Only staff with Admin permissions can edit the Behavior Rubric.

Choose Points from the Main Menu then select the "Edit Rubric" dropdown in the top left.  From there, select the behavior for which you'd like to receive notifications.  Once the behavior is select, choose, "Add teachers or administrators" and select the correct teachers.  Lastly, click Save.

You can send email notifications to any LiveSchool user at your school each time a certain behavior is recorded. Notifications are generally used for negative behaviors that need immediate attention, like office referrals or bullying.

To set up notifications first go to the Points Screen, and select Edit Rubric from the dropdown menu.

Once you're on the Edit Rubric screen, select the behavior for which you want to set the Notification, and then select Add teachers or Administrators. This will allow you to search for any staff member that should be notified when this behavior occurs.

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