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It's easy to contact LiveSchool support anytime you need help. Yon can open a chat window to connect with a member of our support team live during business hours (M-F, 8 to 5 Central) or send us an email during off-hours.

Make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser to open chat. If you're still have trouble opening chat, refresh LiveSchool, or email support@liveschoolinc.com

Start a Chat or Email

To begin a chat or send an email to LiveSchool support anytime:

1. Click your account icon in the top right (represented with your photo or initials).
2. Click Support.
3. Click Send us a Message.

During peak hours (such as the morning or beginning of the school year), response times can run longer.

You can close the chat window at any time. It will automatically reappear when a LiveSchool support agent responds, no matter where you are in LiveSchool. Note that if you have logged out of LiveSchool, the response will come to you via email, and you can continue the interaction with our support agent seamlessly via email.

Reviewing Older Support Chats

We automatically keep a record of all your interactions with our support team. You can always open the Support Chat window and review your old conversations. When you open the window, click "See all your conversations" to review previous interactions.

Add Attachments to Chats

Sometimes when you're chatting with LiveSchool support, we may ask for a screenshot to help us better diagnose an issue. You can always add an attachment, which could include an image or any other kind of file. Click the paperclip icon in the reply area to choose an attachment, if applicable.

In addition to the chat option inside LiveSchool, you can always email LiveSchool Support at support@liveschoolinc.com.

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