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What is a LiveSchool Point?

LiveSchool is all about recognizing positive student choices with points. Points are based on the school-wide behavior expectations your school has set for students.

Students earn points as they go from class to class, and points from all teachers add to a student's point balance (a.k.a. bank account). Teachers can award points to any student in the school, whether in the hallway, cafeteria or on the playground.

Points power school-wide systems that help provide feedback to students and parents, and facilitate a positive culture at your school.

Points are aggregated into easy-to-use data reports in real-time as you're recording points. These data reports help administrators provide supports where they are needed most, and help you better understand whether you're providing behavior feedback to students evenly.

Below we cover the basics of awarding points, adding comments, and viewing data in the Points section of LiveSchool.

Awarding Points

‍Select your Student(s)

Once you're in Points, the first step to awarding a point is selecting a student(s). There are a few ways to view and select students to award them a point:

Roster Picker

Use the Roster Picker to select a roster and view only the students you are teaching. You can also view students by grade using the Roster Picker.

The Roster Picker lists the rosters you've created and rosters that have been shared with you.

You can hide and unhide rosters as needed to keep your rosters list clean by clicking the three dots next to a roster name.

You can also rename rosters from the roster picker, but note that this will rename the roster for everyone the roster is shared with.

Search for Student(s)

You can also use the search feature in the top right of your screen to search for any student in the school – great for awarding points in the cafeteria or at recess.

Select All

Select All is an easy way to award a point to your whole class and spark some excitement.

You can use Select All during procedures and routines and de-select those that aren't following expectations.

Award your Point!

Once your students are selected, click Continue to view your school-wide rubric.

Simply select the behaviors you'd like to record, and click Submit to award your points!

From the rubric screen, you can add optional details about the point, including comments, time (if you'd like to record the point at a time in the past), and location. Click the "Comment" or "More" (3 dots) buttons in the top right corner of your screen to do so.

Point Bubbles

When you award your points, you'll see the points reflected on the students' buttons. Positive points will show up in green, and negative points are red.

You'll also see a comment bubble on the button below the student's name (like for Judith Price in the example above) if any of the points recorded for the student include a comment.

To view specific points and comments for a student, select the student, click the three dots in the top right, and select Timeline.

Change the Date or Location

Teachers juggle a lot of things; there might be a time you think of a point you forgot to give and need to record in the past. Just use the time selector in the top right corner to choose a new date and time for the point.

You can also choose where the behavior occurred if outside of the classroom, but at this time LiveSchool does not support custom locations.

Point Bubble Options

Point bubbles show points awarded today by any teacher, which can help give a glimpse of how a student's day is going.

To change the time frame for point bubbles or to view points only awarded by you, first click the three dots in the top right corner.

Under Settings, click Show points given to control the time frame of data bubbles. You'll be able to select from a few convenient options or set a custom time frame.

You can also click Display settings to choose to view points awarded by All Teachers or Just Me.

Less Paperwork, More Teamwork!

Generate Useful Data

As you're awarding points, LiveSchool compiles the data into reports in real-time.

Use these reports to understand a student's day, review how you awarded points this week, or prepare for a student-teacher conference.

LiveSchool's data reports Timeline, Scoreboards, and Dashboards work together – you can click most of the numbers on these reports to access more information – to help you and your administrators better understand student behavior and where to focus supports.

Reward Great Behavior with Awesome Rewards

Your school will make points exciting for students by tying them to incentives, rewards, and celebrations. The points you award power your school's rewards systems and create a fun and rewarding environment for students.

Provide Feedback to Students and Parents

Your school can choose to use our student and parent app, which provides families with direct access to the points and feedback that you record.

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